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Damn someone put shit all over the toilet seat

i am so glad this is becoming a thing

Shots fired. Preparing for war.

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Dark Souls 2 Prop Hunt

I would like to dedicate this post to two hilarious DS2 players.

AAV600 and Sinclair_523

You two invaded me as gray spirits in Belfry Luna. You both searched and searched and searched for me.

I was the unlit brazier on the second floor, in the corner, laughing hysterically. I heard boxes and barrels being crushed and destroyed like nobody’s business. I remember Sinclair took a big swing at me with his Pursuer’s Greatsword, but then didn’t notice that he had actually pushed me back a bit.

My sides started to split when AAV lit a torch, walked over, and tried to light me, before walking off and still having the torch for the longest time.

However, what killed me, was when AAV came from downstairs, and Sinclair came from upstairs, both met on the second floor…

AAV600 shrugged,

and then Sinclair_523 shrugged.

I died. I died from laughter.

I love you both, and you were both VERY good sports about the whole thing. I have not laughed that hard in a little while. You’re both fun to game with, and I wish you luck in future kills.

Things to note about braziers in Dark Souls 2:- I believe that only the host can light them
- They won’t move no matter how much you hit them
- Players disguised as them can still hold up their shield and maintain disguise
- If you think someone is disguised as one, try punching it, but keep your guard up
- Memorize the destructables and braziers in a location if you’re invading/guarding it, it will make it much more fun when you immediately spot something out of place

Happy hunting :D

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check out this periodic table


I have made a lot of bad jokes but this is still probably my greatest hit

It’s a returning classic

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Dark Souls 2 Pvp Highlights

I’ve decided to post the names of the people I come across in Dark Souls 2, to kinda give shoutouts to the good, and polite, fighters I meet.

If you’ve run into someone named Piroflame, who seems to have a blonde haired man with a greatsword, bone crown, and kick-ass-looking chest and cape, then that my friends, is my DS2 version of King Arthur.

Soul Level is currently 190, and Soul Memory is just barely over 5 million in case anyone wanted to try and hunt me down.

Tonight’s contestants

Hnikel: Loss. You got me pretty good with the hexes. I always have a 50/50 chance of failing my dodge to get away from those hex-soulmasses. They just won’t stop following me… but anyway, you win ‘this’ time…

quentin_comew: Win. Not a bad set up from what I saw. Lightning enchanted greatsword, possibly a bastard sword? Kite shield, and elite knight set I think, or at least for the helmet. Greatsword is a good balance of reach, speed, and damage for pvp. The only trick is learning how to time your attacks so that the enemy runs right into them. Otherwise pretty good.

Private_Bundy: Win. There were some times where I thought you had me, the dual sword combo, with one being a katana, is pretty good for cleaving through some players. I had to time my strong attack a lot better around you, if you got too close before it got to you, then the aim would get weird and I would stab off to the side or something. Looking glass knight set looked good. Good fight.

Grimlon1234: Win. Smelter set and a good old sword and shield. You seemed a bit eager to get at me. Fun fight though.

S_DMC and Newb_With_Guns: Loss. At first it was easy dodging DMC’s soul arrows, but having to dodge that speedy Newb’s rapier too really wore down my stamina, I barely had any time to counter attack, certainly not to drink a flask… I did smile a bit when I managed to hit you both with one sword stab. My joy ran out though when you both started closing in on me. When Newb switched to two hands on the rapier, I thought I could finish him off, but we both managed to get in a blow, which led to me dying and him being left with a small bit of health. Props to you both for working together very well.

Grimlon1234 and Harlikwin: Loss. It was fun to see Grimlon again, flaming sword and all. Not very soon into the fight did Harlikwin appear. I had to dodge roll away from them both, but I wasn’t paying attention much to where, so I got stuck against a balista, and then I got backstabbed by Grimlon while taking a quick shot at Harlikwin. Not my finest performance…

Oh yeah… and P.S. to the people who got summoned to invade me in the Belfry Luna last night and the night before… the ones who I was dicking with REALLY bad by using chameleon… I am SO not sorry. That was funny. Fucking Dark-Souls-2-Prop-Hunt comedy GOLD.

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what is sword art online ?????
sackandcody asked
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Avatar: The Last Airbender (click and drag)

I’m from the fire kingdom, I’m an waterbender. My father is a firebender, and my mother is an earthbender .

I lost my home during the 100 year war, I meet Zuko, and am friends with Iroh.

I own a penguin, and I play penguin sledding.


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did anyone else have trouble waterbending last night?

Waterbending? Yes. Waterbending…? No…

-suspicious glances-

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On this week’s episode of “Children of geek parents raised awesomely”…

On this week’s episode of “Children of geek parents raised awesomely”…

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HOLY SHIT!!!!!………….. my heart stopped and its still not beating


What is going on.

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comment s’appelle un chien qui vend des médicaments?

un pharmachien

why the fuck is this joke in french and why there is 26k notes am i missing something important

what do you call a dog that sells drugs?

a pharmacy

yeah it’s really only funny in french


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sitting in chemistry like


More like


"Name two lanthanides"

"Name an ionic compound"

"What was Homer Burton Adkins known for?"


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sitting in chemistry like


More like

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Dark Souls ll Confession

Whenever I use a lockstone on a pharros contraption, I laugh and say “That’s right, take it in your dirty whore mouth”

When it’s on the floor, I call it a “dirty floor mouth” instead.

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honey pack your bags

I really hope Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr are on that list…

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Bad Dark Souls 2 Pun

So I made a new character after beating the game with my other one. I wanted to make it mostly dedicated to melee, with enough INT to cast support magic like magic weapon or camo.

I went ahead and made a King Arthur. Blonde hair and muscles and all that, and I have the black armor weapons pack, and one of the strongest was the mace, so I was using it, and my friend was watching me play…

One thing led to another… and I told her “It’s a-mace-ing!!”